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Listen up.

Most dommes and fetish brats offer to make custom clips. But most of us are also pretty selective in what we will and will not film. I know I am. I know many of my fellow brat girls operate the same way. There’s a misunderstanding that a custom is a service to fulfill any old request that comes our way and heck – if we don’t do it , we’re being difficult.

I’ve been chatting with a few other C4S clip producers and we’ve noticed an increase of off-kilter requests for genres that are the farthest from our main niche. Furthermore, these guys become hostile when unable to get their own way.

Sorry, not sorry.

For example, I’m asked to film things such as, e.g., a nipple fetish clip where the camera just focuses on my nipples, while I pull and twirl them reciting how they bring all the boys to the yard and ” nobody has nipples as hot as my nipples” .. The fuck? Who says that shit? Awkwaaaaaaarrddd. I refused. 

He came back a few days later with a follow-up offer and asked me to reconsider his request. I broke it down for the guy step-by-step. I’m sorry to regret that I am unable to fulfill your nipple fetish fantasy.

” How so? You have nipples, a camera and a mouth. It’s not hard Princess. “

Custom clips  are  not for catering to whims or subjecting ourselves to something we are not comfortable doing,  in exchange for monetary compensation.  Capisce?

If I say no to a request what part of the “NO” is hard to understand? There’s isn’t  room for negotiation.

Because it’s usually followed up with a negotiation offer.

“How about if I pay you a lil extra .. say ten bucks” … ” so-and-so does it .. ” .. ” but this will be a best seller for sure .. everyone is into the getting head stuck in couch fetish. It’s all the rage” .. ” I will buy it from your store, if you make it ” … ” have you reconsidered my offer to film yourself fully naked, but with slouch socks on your hands,  close up v’jay shots *pls* masturbating with Genoa Salami ( you could substitute with an olive loaf if you *must* )


bu…bu…butttt I don’t see why you’d have a hard time doing this simple request for me. I’m only asking that you use two camera’s, edit in voice overs, hire two models .. or even easier, get your friend’s to do it, I bet they’d do it for free since it’s such a fun idea!!! Correction. Only you find this idea fun.

No, is not ‘ maybe’ or ‘ it is negotiable ‘ or ‘ let me sleep in it” ..  or

okay, I have no problem crapping away my last ounce of dignity for sixty bucks.  I’d love to shit on a paper plate and cover it in sprinkles, sign me up.  I love sprinkles.


In plain English NO is nope… get-outta here.

..” Remember that time when I sent you the $30 gift card in 2009 ? ”  yes, and your point? Oh thank you kind sir, I’m going to put you in my will. Need your house painted, a foot rub a roast beef on marble rye? I’m your gal.
Thanks but hold back on the manipulation and guilt trips . I get enough of that from my parents.

I should mention,  if you’re looking for speed of light rapid turn around, e.g., same day service..   I’m NOT a clip factory. Nor do I have clip editing elves  slaving away ’round the clock  pumping ’em out by the dozen. If you need a clip five minutes ago – plz bother someone else.

This gentleman in the screencap  had a diva-bitch-meltdown moment, ranting that my wait time was “pushing it”.. hey pal.. who’s business is this anyway?

You don’t likey, take a hikey.


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