YOU owe it to YOUR fans.

Cocaine, Meth, Autoimmune disorder. Same Difference.

Gary, I’m deeply sorry for your loss. I didn’t intend for my immune system to start attacking itself  causing me to lose all that ‘sexxxy’ muscle. Because puking, shitting, sleeping, crawling to and from the bathroom non-stop , surgery,  transfusions , vertigo, anemia  and joyriding in ambulances through Manhattan consumed much of my time. Though you should know, I had a BLAST!  I know that’s a poor excuse for tossing aside my fans & business with reckless abandon, stopping the gym & filming clips for you to share

  In hindsight, I’ve honed in on what possibly triggered my declining health. Poor wittle Gawy can’t cope with the loss of my ‘sexxxy’ muscles.

Am I a total Mary-balls for blocking Gary and sleeping with bear mace under my pillow at night?

7 Reasons why I think you are loco, Gary.

  1. You know more about me than my hovering parents do.
  2. You tried friend-ing my parents on Facebook.
  3. You slipped past when the hubbster accidentally accepted your request, mentioning that you attended WVU with him. ( we knew something was schmoey after linking 62 photos from the family vacay to Aruba album in a 5 minute span ( all pics of me ). Those have  surfaced all over every FBB stalking & schmoe Tumblr, Yahoo Group and aggregator site on the web. ( how did they get all of my wedding pics?).
  4. Even I forgot about having black and white striped hair ( thanks for the reminder Gar’ )
  5. Mz Devious is a persona. Danielle [insert-last-name]  is not the name I use for ‘the biz’. THAT IS CROSSING A BOUNDARY my little Gary-pants.  I am not an athlete looking for fans. I do it because I MAKE MONEY. Fetish chicks and porn stars are blessed because they have fans that respect their choice of using an alias. Sorry to burst your bicep loving bubble. However, I do appreciate fans that respect my privacy and boundaries. Also, I’ve developed close, meaningful friendships with a handful of fans, followers & subs. We follow one another on social networks, exchange christmas cards, talk about our families, personal issues etc. How? Respect of Boundaries and compartmentalization. There is Life outside this scene. It concerns me when you boys don’t comprehend that. I wouldn’t dare throw one of my customers under the bus, divulge their secret lives, fetishes or violate trust. I am not difficult. I stay off the grid, have abandoned all personal social networks, lost friends and family because of guys with your mind frame. So am I Difficult? Or have you guys made shit difficult for myself and the many other FBB’s in this same exact situation?
  6. YOU YOU YOU !!!!! sexxxy BIGGGER BIGGERRRR. flexxx.
  7. You know so much, yet  assumed I lost muscle as a result of being cracked out? Even my enemies knew I fell sick. I know this because they hacked &  slurped all my files the day I went into surgery.  Good timing guys, the karma bus is coming for you.  People heard me yacking all the way over in Guam – they too knew I was sick. But YOU did not know this .. you the creepiest stalker that I ever did have :x  YOU let me down too.


Email Transcript

Hello Miss Devious,

I been your fan for a long time.Since myspace days going back to 2004. I saw a pic of YOU in a magazine YOU where at an event at the Jersey Shore sitting on a street bike flexxing those sexxy muscles. You had blond and black striped hair, remember??? I’m still a fan and even purchased a few clips!!! I need to know why you lost all your sexxy muscles???? I know in your industry it’s common for girls to do drugs but drugs make you skinny!!!! Are you on drugs? I don’t like this look on you as a fan I beg you to stop it and put that sexxy muscle back on. grow BIGGGER you should get BIGGGER and flexx your BIGG biceps for me !! YOU let me down TWICE.First, you denied my friend requests at Facebook (TWICE) I searched long and hard to find your profile there. Why do you deny your fans and make things hard for us??? YOU owe us we are fans. I had to fried your husband just to look at your sexxy pics!!! I made a (deleted real name) fan page for you and YOU reported it. Why??? YOU are my favorite FBB. Until you grow back your sexxy muscles, I will not be buying or sharing your clips with YOUR fans. Without guys like me sharing YOUR sexxy muscle clips, nobody would know about YOU.

Please Grow


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