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Posted by D in Life and Crap, Spoiled Brat / November 16, 2010

There are times that I forget I even have a UPS mailbox.  Today I was reminded  when the UPS store happened to call me with a not-so-subtle reminder to get my crap out of their store.

Lo and behold — I have gifts to pick up.

Damn .

Life.. why are you so complicated and shit?

Pried myself from the comforts of my plush microfiber couch – bathed and groomed myself , to a version of Mz Devious,  that’s more suitable for public appearance — got into the car — started it up and backed  out of my driveway.

(are you sympathizing with my exhaustive plight ?)

— and then I  drove a journey of 4 miles —

All of that , just  to recover (from those whiny complainers over at the UPS store )

a lone brown box.


On the positive side  –  a surprise is still very nice, and who doesn’t love a surprise ?

waynie sent a pair of capezio dance sneakers,   when I added them to my wish list I was in one of my ADHD fueled and over zealous (-but soon to lose interest- like everything else  ) ” I want to go to take a few master dance classes, like the old days and re-live my youth  .. because dancing is fun, and I’m good at it  ”  type of mood .

Then I remembered that I am in Florida now –  which is not easily accessible to NYC from the Path train or subway . Oh – but I still looked for classes to take down here , but all I could find was  Geriatrics Jazzercise ( nope ) and Arthur Murray.. (  not looking to foxtrot  )

Well  that’s my story , nothing too earth shatteringly important

*Is shatteringly even a word? Spell check seems to think so, I’ll reference Google on  that *

Lilith found enjoyment from the  gift , gnawing on the cardboard box with delight .

So glad to share the merriment .


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