My clips can be purchased at the following sites:

iWantClips is my preferred clip platform. You can purchase as a guest (anonymously) or create a member account (it’s free) to store your purchased clips in the cloud. Also, I receive the highest commission from IWC. Niteflirt calls their clips “goodies” and you can find my videos under the goody tab on my profile page. If you enjoyed the clip, positive feedback is not only appreciated but helps to boost my on-site visibility (also receive highest commission from NF as well).

Clip sites not your thang? That’s cool. You can purchase videos directly from me (minimum order 3 clips) and I’ll send you a download link. To keep things simple, clip prices are rounded down to the nearest dollar, e.g., if a clip is $7.99 the price will be rounded down to an even $7. *clips must be from 2015-16 inventory. Order here or email: