Ass Worship in Shiny Black Leggings

Posted by D in Ebanned, Videos / March 5, 2013

Ass worship time – bury your face under My shiny black leggings.

I have a nice rear end. Lucky for you ass loving perverts out there that beat off to all things ass. Oh you know.. ass holes, face sitting, ass licking, ass shaking, ass grinding, ass smelling.. and my favorite ( and most perplexing ) of the assy bunch – crap loving, poo nibbling toilet slaves aka My little ‘poo crumbs’ ♥

I suppose I spoil you ass-boys far more then you deserve, so here’s a little preview video from my latest ass worship clip.

…. but wait- I’m not finished yet. ( you are so spoiled.. I’m starting to question which one of us  is truly the spoiled brat here )

These pants …these exact leggings that have been buried up my pussy and ass are up for auction at ebanned this week.

MmmmmhhHhhhhMmMmMm. Yep.

I feel it’s about that time for you do some major ass worship  butt-boy. As soon as you look at my big, round booty in these tight, black shiny leggings, you’re owned.


Not that there’s much of a choice. I do the thinking for the both of us. Shut up, grab your sad little cock and kiss my ass.

How does it feel down there, below my ass ? It feels like Heaven and Hell at the same time.  I love teasing you, smothering your face with my butt while you struggle for air – forced to breathe in my divine ass scents.


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