mz devious

Spandex Leggings Ass Worship

Boy do I look flashy in these gold shiny spandex leggings ! They’re so tight, it appears as if someone painted my big butt with shiny gold leaf — all the better for a bootylicious ass worshiping clip huh butt bois ? You ass loving pervs gobble these shiny legging and ass clips always writing…

mz devious ass

Posted by D in Clip Updates / July 13, 2013
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Push a Button, Get a Banana

So you are looking at myrecent clips  and wondering ” da fuq happened to dis bish ”  .. ” where is the rest of Mz Devious.. wasn’t she like 142 lbs this time last year, why is she barely 110 lbs now?”  Heh.. and I was quite fluffy too last year.  Yes, immediately  after my…

Posted by D in Life and Crap / February 20, 2013
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