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Got Boobs on your Brain?

Awesome. I have just the thing for ya with the latest clip updates over at Mz Devious C4S.  This weeks theme – big boob clips.

mz devious boob worship

Enslaved by Big Tits

You are completely mesmerized by my perfect double D breasts. They’re everything you’ve wanted but could never have. Stare at my big boobs, gaze deep into my teasing cleavage -My tits own you. You are under my control now – My breasts consume your thoughts and own your wallet. You will be my boob slave forever


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mz devious big boobs

Big Boob Jerk Off Addict

I know your dick gets hard whenever you see a nice pair of big tits. you can’t control it can you dork?. Nope – you can’t even control your own cock. What’s wrong with you? It seems like you never developed any women skills. you have no game.
Clueless & pathetic. Instead you spend a considerable amount of time at your computer with your pants down around your ankles stroking that dick to my big tits and bitchy insults. Jerking madly until that sorry little penis is chafed … but you love it. It’s all you know.

I jiggle my boobs in your face and your grubby hand starts stroking that stupid dick. I enjoy destroying your weak mind. you are a mindless cock tugger for tits. There’s not many options for boob losers like yourself – so instead you pay to jerk off to My insults. Such a helpless horny dork for tits. Hahahaha…


boobs joi

Degrading JOI – Cum All Over yourself

Oh hey helpless dick tugger — back to rub another one out? Perhaps this time you will get lucky, just maybe I’ll show you my pussy and amazing tits. Hahaha yeah right loser. GO FUCK YOURSELF. Pull out your stupid cock and jerk off while I humiliate & playfully tease you with my big tits, and make you feel like cr4p about all the pathetic & shameful things you do in secrecy. Like paying to jerk off & cum all over yourself like a slob. You don’t have a say in the matter, normal dudes can jerk off to pussy, tits and ass. NOT YOU. you are not normal.


boob joi

Just Beat it – JOI

You’re a stroke junkie — but you already know this. Isn’t that why you’re here? I know this addiction is one of your foibles. You’re too weak to say no and struggle to resist the temptation of buying clips to jerk off to. It doesn’t even matter what I say — the important thing is that you paid to touch your dick.. So — pull out your little guy and beat it to my instruction, big tits & cum countdown. Clean your cummy mess – feel bad about what you did, then watch it over again. It’s a vicious cycle.

… and again, and again, and again.. *yawns* and again …

bubblegum clip

Mz Devious – Big Ass Bubbles

I cram six feet of bubble tape bubble gum into my mouth, and blow some big ass bubbles. The bigger the bubble the bigger the sticky mess it would make when popping in my face, getting stuck in my hair etc!

Some more Bubble Gum fun
Bubbles and Boobs
Nipple Slips and Bubble Gum

mz devious feet

Mz Devious – Foot Bitch Job Interview

Oh, that position has been filled ( that’s a lie ). But… there’s another job opening. I’m looking for someone to fill the spot as my personal office ‘foot boy’. The moment you walked in here I could tell this is something you’d enjoy.. you look like the type that would do really well with it. No – you won’t have your own office or cubicle and the job is easy for a simpleton such as yourself. Be present whenever my feet require foot massages or shoes need to be cleaned, which is often so you will be quite a busy little office foot bitch.

mz devious feet

Soles Toes & Foot JOI

You have it bad for my feet huh foot boy? I want to show you my freshly pedicured toes and make you jerk off to them. Look how soft and sexy my soles are, and my shiny pink toenails look like delicious little pieces of candy. I want you to suck on both of my feet while stroking. If you follow my jerk off instructions then I will lead you to a cum countdown and command you to cum on my pretty feet


mz devious ass worship

Worship My Ass Butt Boy

Worship My Ass Butt Boy
Face it butt-boy, my ass owns you. Do you like how my ass looks in these shiny new spandex pants? Dumb question..of course you do. Get on your knees, worship my ass and jerk your dick to my sexy ass tease. Recorded 1/17/15

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Owned by My Ass POV
Spandex Denim Ass Worship


mz devious ass

One Ply – Toilet Slave Training

Today is toilet slave orientation – you’ve made the cut and I’m going to go over a few things with you. To start, I’ve decided on your toilet slave name “one ply” because the two ply is the good stuff – which you are not… Yet anyhow. You have to work your way up to the two ply status by proving you can perform your ” doodies ” as my 5h!t sucking p0o gobbler. I’m a pretty hardcore bitch, if you’re going to serve you better be willing to go hard or go home there’s plenty of others that would gladly take your position under my perfect ass..


mz devious bubble gum
Smoke & Bubbles

Smoking a cigarette, chewing bubble gum & blowing some bubbles. Taking a leisurely smoke break, listening to music, texting, blowing bubbles, snapping gum. It’s a pretty chill vibe. Inhale smoke — chomp chomp chomp — exhale bubble.


Phew .. between the annoying ass clips4sale widget murdering my load time and now this million-gif post –  I seriously need to consider lazy loading my images. Slow loading web pages are one of my biggest peeves. That’s always top priority when optimizing a clients websites – reduce requests, gzip, cache, expire headers, crunch pics, g-zip.. everything I’m not doing here. The shoemaker’s kids have no shoes. I am still with the same slow as f’ck host ( I bought 3 years hosting.. meanwhile I have plenty of space over at Arvixe  & Green Geeks . la la la .. it’s on my to-do list.

Getting back to the three dozen emails I’ve received this week from this site,  is also buried somewhere on that list as well.

I have lots to blog about – especially about  rug humper being told he couldn’t watch the superbowl.


Oh yeah this one’s a hoot. Mr D happened to be around while I was on the phone last week with rug humper – and he was looking  at me like ” give me the phone ” ( and those who know Mr D know he’s a man of few mumbled/grunting words )

{max-width: 100%}

Before I go – this ↑ kickass clip discount offer is still going on. Ten people took advantage of this today. Good boys. Clipvia is a great little site – an underdog in the fetish clip selling market( I always root for the underdog). I’ve been with them since day one ( 2011 ) – loyal as f*ck despite earning a twentieth of what I rake in at C4S. I like what they are about.   They’re one of the few clip sites that truly engage with and appreciate their studio owners and customers.

I haven’t a clue who’s flooding them but it keeps happening.  I dealt with a DDoS last summer a few days after launching a client’s eCommerce site ( in very competitive niche ). Was not fun.  It  took me months to build that  mother of all scope-creeping projects –  so I took it personal. Nothing happened except for getting thrown offline a few moments .. that shit was built hella secure. DDoS Mitigation isn’t my job – or area I am knowledgeable in.   But to a client in melt-down mode – a web designer is also a cable repairman, plumber, website babysitter, computer repair &  logo super-sizing fairy .

It’s 7 am – this blog is one big word salad – but whatev -not even proof reading it.  I’m ready for bed. G’night boys.



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