Face Slapping Andy

Posted by D in Clip Updates, Humiliatrix / February 8, 2010

Awesome-sauce – the clip  ” We Fucked Up andy” looks as if that Face Slapping clip could make the c4s best sellers category any minute.

You guys really liked that one eh? Get off on watching andy get all sorts of messed up? you are a bunch of sick bastards.

Keep buying it

We fucked up andy

face slapping fetish

The rumors are true. Lyne and I really did bust slave andy’s eardrum. And it’s in this clip. We face slap that bitch andy, over and over again, double slaps, little slaps that sting, Big slaps that left his cheeks red and rosy. Want to know who delivers that blow which makes his ear drum burst? Buy the clip. You sicko’s will like the fact that we did not care about andy and his little boo boo. We’re creative and use him in other ways – as our own personal spittoon!
* deleted scene at the end.


foot fetish

Underfoot POV
I spent the entire day walking around in high heels. I come home.. my feet are tired, sore and sweaty and demand my foot bitch remove my shoes, put them in his face and rub them. He just sits there like a good boy, while I dangle my toes up close.
close ups and filmed POV angle




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