Pathetic Little Guy

Posted by D in Off Topic, Rant / August 8, 2011

The many joys of camming

Some little dude over at HBC cam pops into my chat room earlier .. asks to go into private. As soon as we get into private he then immediately demands to see my v’jay .

I say “NO v’jay today, no way Jose ” CLEARLY STATES THAT ON MY PROFILE. Your fault for failing to read that part.  So he starts throwing down prices like we’re negotiating on this.

I’m being paid for this regardless, so if he wants to argue or choose to leave is completely up to him…the meter is ticking, so I let him carry on until his $22 drains out. The level of stupidity coming from his end is balls-deep..

It continues for a few more minutes before I feel the need to inform  him  that he’s pathetic and about to be blocked. I’m growing tired of this shenanigan.

“I am not pathetic” ..

Yes.. you’re acting like a pathetic moron at the moment.

If you cannot  comprehend  “NO , I don’t do the v’jay thing – sorry go elsewhere”  yet continue to *try* and get your own way, start to  negotiate a deal with me, then  yes you are indeed pathetic.


” I am not pathetic — how about if I give you a $10 tip – then will you show me your p*ssy?” ….  the pathetic loser has found his way onto my BLOCKED list.


Random, but I love this pic.. ( Megz do not kill me cause you’re in Jammies ) how cute , my Lilith loves Meggerz so much she never leaves  her side and steals her socks when she stays over.






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