Humiliating Losers – the Meggerz Edition

Posted by D in Niteflirt / November 10, 2011

Totally piss-your-pants funny Niteflirt call that Princess Meggerz had earlier while Mr D was driving us home from the mall.

The poor sap was put on speaker phone, singing jingle bells.

I should note – we changed the lyrics to ‘ jingle balls, jingle balls in my face’ but the jerk went above & beyond and sang it with a female-esque falsetto.

Mr D was laughing so hard that he had to pull the car over. I can’t leave out the ‘bark like a dog ‘ arab foot loser who paid us each $200 super early this morning ( so early we we're still in bed , yet raking in cash. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this since the cable guy was working in the spare bedroom installing business internet. Mr D came in our room laughing, ” shhh the cable guy can hear you girls and your barking friend ”
HOW COULD YOU NOT FIND HUMOR IN THAT ? An Arab foot freak paying two pajama clad brats $400, so that he could sing and bark on webcam for 8 minutes .

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