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 I always have plenty to talk about, and often times something brilliant or interesting will pop into my head  and I think to myself   ” that would make a bad-ass blog topic  ” –  until it comes time to write about it ; then I become lazy .
No- Lazy isn’t a good word for it, as I’m not a lazy person at all. Overwhelmed scatterbrain ,courtesy of ADHD , is what makes such trivial little tasks, an all day event(s). When Meggerz would come  stay over, she’d remark about how I cannot sit still and focus or even discuss just one thing at a time. Then she’d tell me ” Damn woman, your ADD is giving me ADD”  then proceed to plug her earphones in, to tune out chatty-pants  Mz Devious so that she could focus on her editing.
Re-painting the house seems less daunting than having to write a blog ( thanks to my wanderlust attention span ).  So, instead I convince myself that indeed,  blogging is a cumbersome chore . Meh .
To sum it up; I’m doing just awesome.

Of course there’s an ulterior motive for updating here . I wanted to share  *coughs spam* some  new fetish clips .

Moving along

Mz Devious’s Fetish Clips

Look at you down there on the dirty floor . you’d do anything just to get close to My feet. you are a pathetic little foot freak . A foot freak whose desire to serve the feet of superior Women , causes you to lose yourself and give up control. you’re so weak for My feet. I enjoy watching you crumble into submission as I raise My foot and dangle it within inches from your face ( barefoot, foot fetish, foot slave training, bikini )
Big Tit Loving Loser
Ugh – it’s you again, the big titty loving loser. I knew you’d be back to stare at my big 34 DD tits – and to get your daily dose of humiliation, which I am sure will lead you to play with your lonely little dick . You like my big fake titties , but sadly — you’ll never be man enough or good enough to ever have a chance to touch them. So instead, you take what you can get, which for a loser like yourself , it’s more than sufficient . In-fact , it would be in your best interest to thank me for the opportunity to stare at My perfect boobs
(REQUEST not personalized , can be enjoyed by all ) ” Hey there, I really like your bubblegum clips. My all time favorite is Bubbles and Boobs . May I make a request please ? I’d love to watch you blow bubbles while sitting close to me while wearing a very tight push up bra to enhance your large chest as you deeply inhale for each bubble . You don’t have to say much , or anything at all, just sexy, busty, bubbles ,please ! Even more of a random request , can you try a different flavor bubble gum like purple or orange gum , if it is not too much of a trouble ? “No problem ! In-fact my favorite flavor is Orange Crush bubble gum , so I had no troubles at all cramming 3 huge pieces into my mouth . As for the tight bra- it was a size too small, and as a result – into each busty girls life , a nipple slip will occur from time-to-time. Or in my case, it happened the entire clip – btw, no extra charge for the nip slip ;)
Sit back, relax and let yourself go. Clear your mind and focus on my soft sensual words. Listen to the seductive and entrancing mellow beats in the background . Watch as I flaunt my voluptuous  full double D breasts as they completely take over  . Listen to my voice – look into my eyes, and allow yourself to be enslaved by my tits. * Clip audio sounds best and was edited with the intention to be enjoyed while wearing headphones .
SPH Lap Dance POV
This humiliating lap dance will change your life forever. You might think that you are God’s Gift to the dancers at the strip club – And most dancers just go along with it, so they can get paid. Then go agree to a lap dance from a painfully honest stripper , and she’s about to knock you back down to reality . Where is your dick ?” I don’t feel a thing while sitting on your lap, let me take a peek. to see if you even have one …….ahhhhhhh hahahahaha .. that is the saddest looking little penis I’ve ever given a lap dance too ” It is so small I think I might break it , so instead why don’t you stroke that little dick for me like a good boy . Don’t forget to tip me really well or I’ll make sure to tell EVERYONE in here about your “little” problem .What you lack in your pants , you can make up for with your wallet.
Teasing you With My Panties
My ass looks so perfect in these pink lace panties.Full, round, and plenty to grab . I know what you are thinking too. you desperately want to have a feel for yourself , I tease and wave my panties in your face. You probably want to smell them while they’re still on my body too . But I’d never allow you such a privilege – you can look, but the only thing you will be touching is your dick.
you asked to see what I did with the $800 that I recently took from you ? That’s a pretty bold question coming from a slave , isn’t it ? Well,if you insist – then get down to the ground and get a good look at my feet. This is what it looks like to walk all over your hard earned cash. I wanted these gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent Tribute pumps , and you had to work a lot of overtime to make it happen. I wouldn’t dare put a cheap pair of shoes on my feet – you can buy the cheap junk for yourself . I deserve and demand only the finer luxuries, however I want more, I’m never satisfied . I see more designer high heels in my future and I predict your future will be filled working more overtime to support my expensive tastes. ( FINANCIAL DOMINATION, HIGH HEELS, LEGS, SHOE FETISH, BRAT GIRLS, MONEY FETISH )
It has been aeons since I’ve teased you with my pretty little feet . I bet you’re about ready to bust and blow that load to my feet, soles and toes and finish with a cum countdown . ( SOLES, TOES, JOI , CUM COUNTDOWN , BAREFOOT , FOOT FETISH , SOLES )
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