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I think I’ve found my new favorite fetish category  at C4S – Bubble gum fetish !

What’s not to love about bubble gum? I wish I started making these clips years ago. When I was a wee little Mz Devious, I’d rummage through my mom’s purse and swipe her gum. I guess I take after her cuz I always have to have an assortment of gum stashed in my purse. My favorite was juicy fruit (  even though it loses flavor and gets all rubbery after 5 minutes ) followed by rainbow Chiclets, Blackjack & Teaberry gum ( ← that’s taking it back oldschool) ,  and when mom didn’t have the good stuff and I was desperate to get my “bubble gum fetish fix”, I’d take anything, even the yucky box of Clorets  ← remember those?

One piece? Never. I would stuff the entire pack into my mouth all at once. Seventeen pieces of Juicy Fruit? Yes. That’s how us hardcore gum addicts do it.

On a side note – What exact flavor is bubble gum – like regular plain ole Bazooka and BubbleYum? I can’t figure it out – whatever it is, the stuff is addicting. Random fact -Bubble gum ice cream is one of my all-time faves too!


My Favorite Bubble Gum Fetish Clips

Bubble Trouble – Gum Covered Face

I’m having some trouble from blowing big bubbles. The large bubbles burst, blasting me in the face, leaving sticky gum remnants in it’s place.
I tried a new brand bubble gum today ( Super Bubble ) . I’m having great success blowing some gigantic bubbles too. Only problem I’m having is that when they pop, it’s making a sticky mess all over my face, stuck in my hair, on my nose and chin.


Nipple Slips and Bubble Gum

(REQUEST not personalized , can be enjoyed by all ) ” Hey there, I really like your bubble gum fetish clips. My all time favorite is Bubbles and Boobs . May I make a request please ? I’d love to watch you blow bubbles while sitting close to me while wearing a very tight push up bra to enhance your large chest as you deeply inhale for each bubble . You don’t have to say much , or anything at all, just sexy, busty, bubbles ,please ! Even more of a random request , can you try a different flavor bubble gum like purple or orange gum , if it is not too much of a trouble ? “

No problem ! In-fact my favorite flavor is Orange Crush bubble gum , so I had no troubles at all cramming 3 huge pieces into my mouth . As for the tight bra- it was a size too small, and as a result – into each busty girls life , a nipple slip will occur from time-to-time. Or in my case, it happened the entire clip – btw, no extra charge for the nip slip ;)

Bubble Gum – Snap , Chew and Pop – WMV

I’m lying on the couch in my panties and tank top reading my ipad and chomping away at a big piece of bubble gum. At first I’m snapping my gum, and blowing little bubbles that I enjoy popping inside my mouth. The snap sound is loud and obnoxious, but I continue to snap away with not a care in the world… chomp … chew .. bubble.. snap…. pop – repeat ! ( no dialogue, just lots of gum pops ,snaps and bubbles )

Bubbles and Boobs

I love seeing how many pieces of bubble gum I can cram into my mouth and even more fun is trying chew it to the right consistency in hopes to blow some GIGANTIC bubbles. For some reason , this tube top I had on yesterday kept rolling off my boobs  each time I went to inhale while blowing up some pretty big bubbles.

Bubble Gum Loser

Blowing bubbles , being a brat , while shredding you and your stupid bubble gum fetish . You do realize how lame you are right ? Let me remind you some more dork.

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