Ebanned sellers and Dommes beware of a bidder hypnotoy797. He had won one of my auctions that recently closed for the sum of $200. Sent a charming email mentioning that he is a fan of my clips yadda yadda. Insists on paying via ppal. I checked his feedback and spotted good feedback from a few…

Hypnotoy797 at ebanned

Posted by D in Rant / June 27, 2010
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I Love Surprises

Oh nothing too exciting. I arrived back in Florida to a flooded yard. My folks broke the aerobed. Again. Yes, I have real furniture. It’s still up in NJ, doesn’t make sense to move everything since I’m living in two states, why make shit more complicated. So until Mr D EVER gets his transfer, I’ll…

Posted by D in Off Topic, Rant / December 7, 2009
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Goodbye YouTube channel NUMBER 5

I’ve been through Five youtube channels in a year. That’s probably more than how many times some of you guys change your underpants in a year. Thiis time I kept the channel on the DL. Still amassed   40,000 views in a month per video. Man those fbb fans really do love them some freebie…

Posted by D in Rant / September 28, 2009
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My p*pal Account has Been Frozen

L – is for Lame it’s also for loser and Lick my fart-hole. Why do I get the feeling that the same person who reported my youtube channel, reported my ppal too. So glad that I dont have to resort to doing lame shit like this to others … because I’m not a jealous and…

Posted by D in Ebanned, Rant / May 21, 2009
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Inbox Bonanza part 3

By request – another scintillating issue of inbox bonanza, where I post screen captures of the true essence of men. Even God messes up. Men can’t help their stupidity, it’s an inborn trait. He wants in.. he things Im stashing naked goodies inside of my myspace page, he must think I will smile and say,…

Posted by D in Rant, Spoiled Brat / January 29, 2009


I just woke from a post-workout mini coma/nap. Ever wake from one of those? It’s like being stuck in a time warp. What century is this, it’s Tuesday right?.. is it 6 am or 6 pm, there’s a possum in my bed – oh wait.. That’s my dog. I can’t believe what a shit-ass mood…

Posted by D in Ebanned, Off Topic, Rant / January 24, 2009
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