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Done with these Sandals

Well Worn and Ready for Worship. SOLD!  $70 to a shoe dirt licking weirdo who will remain anon. Get on it.  Up for grabs,  my well worn sandals from Armani Exchange. I picked this cute little pair of white and pink flip flops up at the AX store in SoBe a few years ago. They…

well worn sandals

Posted by D in Foot Fetish, Spoiled Brat / June 1, 2016
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Findom Wallet Drain Game

New pay-to-view findom game at Niteflirt The concept is simple. There are eight pay buttons ranging in different amounts, from a measly two dollars up to twenty.  Pocket change. It adds up.  Spin the wheel and click the button from one through eight, get all giddy to discover the amount you must pay. Then repeat. …


Posted by D in Niteflirt, Spoiled Brat / July 23, 2015
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Christmas Fluff

I’ve been very busy.Too busy to keep up with blogging Long story short – I went to the UPS store and had to make multiple trips to the car , because I couldn’t carry all of my prezzies at once. I don’t mind , really I don’t. I love presents and love being a spoiled…

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / December 23, 2011
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Easy Come

when he asked me for my yahoo screen name I told him I did not do the small talk, never ever ” hello princess ” me daily without paying for it. So he paid $200 for my screen name.. HA HA HA !!! It’s not hard to remember , I am not your chat buddy, I don’t enjoy regurgitated ass kissing or sharing with you how my day was. That’s why you have wives and girlfirends . Don’t confuse a Domme with either of those.. as

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / December 5, 2011
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