Findom Wallet Drain Game

Posted by D in Niteflirt, Spoiled Brat / July 23, 2015

New pay-to-view findom game at Niteflirt

The concept is simple. There are eight pay buttons ranging in different amounts, from a measly two dollars up to twenty.  Pocket change. It adds up.  Spin the wheel and click the button from one through eight, get all giddy to discover the amount you must pay. Then repeat.  Challenge yourself – how many buttons? How high will you get — all depends — how far do you think you will you last before tapping out? Imagine the excitement of getting all messed up and weak on poppers while being teased and ordered to pay to stroke!  Play the full board – you may end up brown bagging it to work this week or telling your wife “no dinner & movies for us this weekend, I gave our fun money to Mz Devious. She deserves it more than you Hagatha.”

It’s like a paypig casino.. but the only winner is ME. Click and pay. This game can also be played along with My new findom poppers clip, Poppers Pay Binge – Tits & Ass Mind Fuck which happens to be #3 best seller at clips4sale financial domination category.


(click the image to purchase clip from Niteflirt )

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