Mz Devious Real Time Breast Expansion

Posted by D in Clip Updates, Muscle Girl / February 20, 2013

Mz Devious – Real Time Breast Expansion.. and her other nerdy ramblings ↓ SKIP TO THE VIDEO, I’m a talker ..

I lied in my last post. It’s now 8 am and still up working on shit. Twenty hour work day – It’s cool, I love every second of it.

The first thought that popped into my scattered brain upon rising Tuesday morning was, ” It’s a jolly good day. Let’s film some clips!” Followed by ” I have to pee really bad”..

I had an eye opening breakfast of Adderall ( it’s prescribed for legit DX for ADHD aka jumbled brain ) I plastered 3 lbs of whore makeup onto my face, wrangled my overgrown mane into pigtails ( Mz Deezy Beezie needs a haircut,but loathes sitting long enough to get the hairs cut )

Ten clips were recorded today, 9 pm to 4:59 am editing the clip, making a promo ( see below ) and a swell gif image for the clip.

On a side note, I’ve been spending hours each night trying to  work with getting smaller file sizes using different methods, tinkering with bitrate, FPS and encoding without losing too much picture quality. Gone are the days of 600 mb mp4 clips, and no one really needs to see me in 1920×1080 nor do I want to even render files that huge.. my computer hates me enough.

I have studied B.E. morphs and animation videos and tried to physically mimic the smooth expansion that unfolds throughout the animations.

Buy the clip here ↓

Real Time Breast Expansion


Watch the Preview




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