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About FMG ( female muscle growth )

FMG is a growth fantasy fetish, it’s one of my favorite clip categories to shoot and concoct stories for . I’ve been playing ‘School girl Danni’ FMG character since 2009 , plus an array of other muscle and giantess fantasy characters, another favorite is Young She-Hulk Danni.

Schoolgirl Danni is spitfire. Trouble follows wherever she goes.

This is a clip that was shot when I went to Vegas in September to work with the very talented James Cook . It took what felt like an eternity to capture the scenes for this particular clip. James of FTVideo did all of the special FX editing, which btw took him many months to edit. the final product exceeded my expectations and I am so excited for it’s release. I had a blast working with him and Annie and look forward to doing more in the future.

I’d love to learn some advanced techniques so that I could edit stuff like this ! I’ll add it to my “to-do” list.

The clip is available for purchase at two sites online

Mz Devious Muscle Clips4Sale for $10.99


Mz Devious at Muscle Girl Clips  FOR $8.99

Mz Devious’ Schoolgirl Giantess Revenge – FMG

Schoolgirl Danni was constantly being picked on by her classmates. She’s so puny and weak.. The boys would mock her ” you’re a wimpy flat chested ginger “.. . The bullying did a number on little Danni’s self image. She’s had enough and wishes there was a way to seek revenge. She admires female bodybuilders dreaming of the day she grows up to become A POWERFUL AMAZON WOMAN like them. It soon turns into an obsession, and she wants nothing more but to be HUGE . Not just a strong FBB, she wants to be a muscular Giantess . They say thoughts turn into actions.. and that is exactly what happened the day Sizemore High was crushed by her giantess feet . She sprouts up – towering over the entire school, stomping out the tiny , helpless , classmates.. “Who is huge now ?” … You can’t out run me you little wimps. I’m Enormous. Revenge is sweet.


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