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Posted by D in Discount Codes / February 23, 2013

It certainly is refreshing to see that the people that run Clipvia.com just get it. When it comes to allowing us to send offers or run special promotions with our customers , there is not too many sites which allow that feature to their studio owners. When I was with klnkb0mb , they also had the coupon feature.. but the customers were less than bright and would fail to use them, then bitch when I didn’t offer them.
This Clipvia code is valid for use within my studio only ! It’s a great offer , called 20 off 20 , so make a purchase of $20 or more and receive 20% off your entire purchase. Sounds pretty good huh?

click the image or go here http://mzdevious.clipvia.com/

The offer expires 2/28/13 !!

mz devious download offer

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