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Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / October 29, 2011

my birthday is  a month away.. I’ll plant this right here. http://amzn.com/w/H4YYCFGBUHXQ

Meggerz and I stopped over  at  my UPS box today,  and crammed her M3 to the gills with these presents I received this week.

little by little I’ve been unpacking them
shark steamer from jeff , who’s practical gifts seem to be the most useful , thanks jeff for shopping with your brain and not your penis.

I love the Adidas sneakers but I hate  those tacky Ed hardy shoes from wayne ( I donated those glittery things to Goodwill since I couldn’t return them )

cordless phone from ? idk………. no name on the receipt. well thanks , I guess.

My digital camera  flash literally burnt out and was told it was not fixable. I loved that little camera niggie piggie sent for my bday 2 years ago. jeff to the rescue with this one.. although it’s a little bigger than the casio exlim that I am used to..but I’ll keep it since I need a camera.

sugar free candy and supplement stuff ……… all from  a loser who calls himself “yam farmer”  love it

and some other useful crap I milked from a cock wallet via niteflirt call last week..

some loser named matt contacted me.. said he wanted a pair of my old sandals to worship, so I  found an old pair and  will toss them over to this sad shoe licker. I charged him a reasonable $100 and then he wanted a custom clip .. which I charged another $100 and a $25 late fee. No no.. not because he was late with payment .  I plan to take my sweet ass time filming this clip for him.. and  he is so dumb,  he actually paid the $25 extra.
I’ll get to it eventually matt.

Oh and thanks for the pedicure footboi don Meg and I will enjoy getting our peds done up on your dime.

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