steven.. the life of a slave is never fair.

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / April 23, 2010

 slave steven bought Me a new laptop.
Good for Me.

But because he is a man ( and stupid ) he ruins the moment  by opening his  mouth to ramble on about how I am being unfair .

Shut up old man.


[click  photo to enlarge and read our conversation via Livejournal comment feed]


I went out to get the car washed and enjoy the beautiful day.


While I was out  slave steven paid his small little penalty .


I really could have given him a far worse fine to pay. But I wanted this for my new computer.

So now I have a new laptop and a case for it . All is well in the world of greedy Mz Devious.

Care to open your retarded mouth again steven ?



Gah ! This is one of my favorite photos  of the old geezer.

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