Getting naked for $5.99 a minute

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I’m not going to stoop to the level of cam ho’ , peddling views of my naked self with extreme closeups of my Uterus for $5.99 a minute , to which 40% goes to the house . I feel that I have a good 5 or 6 years left before i can no longer pull off this ” paid brat ” gig . So until that time runs out – no , I’m not getting naked for you when I have Perfectly good ‘ losers ‘ that call my $39 a minute ignore line and buy my stinky socks for $200 , or pay me $100 for 10 mins to watch them defile themselves on cam while I am fully clothed . Im somewhat disturbed by this , and I’m seriously not going to Cater to your stupid penis , unless i think it’s most beneficial to me . Doing spread eagle shows , shouts to the world , ” Im stupid .. I give up ,I’m lazy and not savvy enough to realize that I can get 3 times more cash else where ” .. Let some other ‘bish roll over and play dumb for you. When a stranger says ‘ I can’t decide which part of you to cum on ‘ do I play stupid and just smile ” baby , pour that man goo all over me I fucking love it “. Because that
Is certainly not the case . It’s more like ” ugh I bet this guy is the proud owner a creepy white Chester Molester van , ” * insert pedo-bear theme song *My following knows what to expect from me . You don’t like ? That’s fine .

so many ill informed or possibly illiterate males at that site ..

this is why I’m burnt out. Do your homework fools . Read my profile that clearly states in BOLD ” I do not get naked , don’t ask , and don’t remind me that I’m the only girl here that doesn’t do full gyno . That’s a lie and manipulative tactic and mostly I do not care what they do. Chances are I make more money and have more traffic follow me here

I’m sorry , I cannot dig deep enough to find an ounce of phoniness within me that could smile and concur to your bold query ‘ to suck my nipples’ .NO . Just no.

I explain to this pathetic male that I did not do ho’ shows ( I’m Mz Devious, and you are a fool ) I was relieved that he probably wouldn’t get a paid chat with me and hoped he’d move along . Then he returns to gets a paid chat…………and I’m stuck reading that garbage until I could no longer stand it , and logged him off mid show . whoops ! Damn that spotty wifi . Why do women allow guys to talk to them like that for a few dollars.. I couldn’t stand to tolerate it when I was a dancer . YOU HAVE TO SHOW THESE GUYS WHO IS IN CONTROL OF THE SITUATION .

and this would be the cherry that tops the sundae .

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