the good news is

the good news is ………….. I went to my PO Box and found presents in there nice ones. $200 Marriott gift cards, new mp3 player and some yoga leggings  from piggy santa who's working hard to keep me happy ! a unicorn piggy bank ( shown above) some supplement crap, calendar and candy from muscleboy…

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clip updates http://clips4sale.com/22493 toilet prisoner whats up potty pervert’s? You just cannot get enough of my s;hit can you? No, you keep coming crawling back , just to get c.rapped on all over and over again. I love it. Now listen up you sick fuck.. you are now a toilet prisoner . that is right…..

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Getting naked for $5.99 a minute

I’m not going to stoop to the level of cam ho’ , peddling views of my naked self with extreme closeups of my Uterus for $5.99 a minute , to which 40% goes to the house . I feel that I have a good 5 or 6 years left before i can no longer pull…

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andy, ADD, Bastinado and Biceps

One thing about me is that although you don’t see me post a lot online as of late.. I am a worker and I love it, I am not a slave to it.. but I love the feeling of being productive, that is when I can be. I’ve just been coping with some major distraction issues as a result of having ADD which I’m not bothered to admit

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you know you are a momma’s boy

http://www.clips4sale.com/store/22493 momma’s boy your sons a fucking loser. Instead of helping you with the bills he spends all his money on girls like me just to make fun of him. Your’e never gonna have grandkids cause no girl would have his baby. he begged me and paid me to make this clip for him humiliating…

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number 1 clips

something a little different here for sexy flex clips4sale.com/store/29200 a 3 in 1 clip. these all seem to go over well with new clip customers so how about this.. buying all 3 individually is $21 buying all 3 together $16.99.. it contains 3 of my clips that all made it to the Number 1 selling…

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Be a Nice Boy.

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