Spoiled Brat

Red Zanotti’s

I managed to stop off at UPS store earlier and lookie lookie what arrived? Amazon somehow cancelled this order  but they finally arrived ! Which is sexier ? The red zanotti’s or the filthy uggs? foot boy wayne ya did good ! These shoes are gorgeous :) I cant take them to Florida with me…

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / February 18, 2010
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More Zanotti’s

I love expensive shoes, like the $700 pair of Zanotti’s that I wore out last night. I guess “scrambled eggs” took a hint, and grasps that I seriously can’t have enough pairs of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes .. so he continues sending me more. Yes, that’s what I like. The third pair disappeared from off my…

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / January 23, 2010
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Wham Bam.. $1400 in an hour

FinDom – All in like an hour . The art of multi-tasking. ( dont believe me.. check the time stamps on the emails..) $200 in Niteflirt tributes $150 in clip sales that came in $150 Amazon ecert and a pair of $400 Zanotti’s from “scrambled eggs” and damn.. ANOTHER. HE WONT QUIT. jeez another $100…

Posted by D in Niteflirt, Spoiled Brat / December 23, 2009

Spoiled for My Birthday

It’s almost my Birthday — time for Prezzies! … and birthday cash-rape niteflirt tributes!  Damn my birthday is nine days away – meanwhile I’ve been spoiled all month. It’s a Birth-month celebration. My bois are spoiling me rotten. My BIRTHDAY PRESENTS arrived from niggiepiggie!! I just came back from picking them up at UPS. He…

Posted by D in Niteflirt, Spoiled Brat / November 19, 2009
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steven for Sale

Bids are coming in like crazy. Let’s not kill the old man too  fast, nothing worse than going to an atm machine to find it tapped out. he paid his dues to try and put a smile on my face this morning but still wasn’t cutting it – I crave laughter and this auction really…

Posted by D in Ebanned, Spoiled Brat / November 15, 2009
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