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Custom Clip Minus the Piñata

Just finished making a custom clip, the person who requested this was very patient. I’ve been juggling a lot here lately so my turnaround time is 3-5 days, which isn’t all that bad. Myself as well as almost every other clip chicky I know, will not start on customs until payment has been made. This…

Posted by D in Clip Updates, Spoiled Brat / July 29, 2009

Oh and My New Boots Arrived

Check out my awful “situation” film quality is crappy since I used the shitty flip camcorder for this.. but whatever..you get the point. All I wanted was a pair of boots but as usual, my calf muscles get in the way. Kinda bummed over the boots, not mad at my calves though   Watch Damn…

Posted by D in Muscle Girl, Spoiled Brat / April 21, 2009
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Inbox Bonanza part 3

By request – another scintillating issue of inbox bonanza, where I post screen captures of the true essence of men. Even God messes up. Men can’t help their stupidity, it’s an inborn trait. He wants in.. he things Im stashing naked goodies inside of my myspace page, he must think I will smile and say,…

Posted by D in Rant, Spoiled Brat / January 29, 2009

Doormat … Again

Doormat stopped in last night.. and you know how much I HATE drop-ins. I was trying to list my auctions, had like 90 windows open – pretty much busy. Why do these idiots act its ok disturb, and attempt striking up a convo , after they’ve been warned, ” I’m fucking busy” Because – Its…

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / January 20, 2009
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gift update

just a quick post..then its off for the night last friday I was home with a migraine..and travelerseas took me shopping online. traveler..this is the magic stick.you thought I was talking about your magic stick. * rolls eyes *. .. more more more..fill it up atm bitch.

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / January 9, 2009

decent day..I want more more more

today was a decent day…my trash auction ended at $202.. I received a facecard tribute of $100.. and another for $207, where he was wise enough to cover the paypel fee so I would receive the full amount .Another $75 from bill , my auction wanker. Which, by the way my auctions are kicking ass…

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / December 26, 2008


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