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Update 12/2014 No no don’t get excited .. I didn’t die. I felt like popping in here to say hey and also that I had a BLAST with this gig (most of the time). Met some of the coolest people on the planet and have a plethora of colorful memories — good, bad and somewhat…

Posted by D in Life and Crap / December 13, 2014 New Site Design

I’m FINALLY finished with that ‘vanilla’ Ecommerce website job I’ve been consumed with the past month and a half. The web design project came in while I was in the midst of getting the ball rolling on Mz D’s poopy looking site. So I’m done. Hooray. I could get back to finishing up my own…

Posted by D in Life and Crap, Off Topic / June 1, 2013

Get Down with ADD

That song is now stuck in my head. * Totally useless fact – Naughty by Nature filmed part of the OPP video in front of the King’s motel in Rahway NJ – and when I lived in Jersey  I passed that motel daily  – well then again,  I passed dozens of seedy motels daily, as…

Posted by D in Life and Crap, Off Topic / April 6, 2013
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Mz Devious is one Busy Busy Beaver

Spoiler Alert. This entry is bad for your erection. Skip to ↓ THE VIDEO I’ve always wanted to to stuff the word ‘ Beaver ‘ into a title for a blog entry. It’s one of those awkward sounding words like jelly, moist, and clam. Guess I can cross that one off the bucket list. Seriously…

Posted by D in Life and Crap, Off Topic / March 11, 2013
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Push a Button, Get a Banana

So you are looking at myrecent clips  and wondering ” da fuq happened to dis bish ”  .. ” where is the rest of Mz Devious.. wasn’t she like 142 lbs this time last year, why is she barely 110 lbs now?”  Heh.. and I was quite fluffy too last year.  Yes, immediately  after my…

Posted by D in Life and Crap / February 20, 2013
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