First Place

Posted by D in Hooray for Me, Muscle Girl / September 4, 2011


Flexing with my  FBB gal-pal & posing coach Sherri. Oh and I should mention that she’s the current Florida state overall Womens Bodybuilding champion. Go Sherri !!

The Recap

The experience was a good one. Experienced a few passing moments of temporary insanity, along the course of this journey. Weighed in at 114 lbs just made it into light weights ( down from 118 at 2 days out )

The competition  is over, won some hardware ( first in lightweight and the overall )  Meggerz came to cheer me on and I spent the weekend as a black woman.  That was nice.


Covered in Nutella 3 coats of industrial strength spray tan and Pam cooking oil.



I need to go and eat everything that’s not moving or poisonous now.

Catch ya later.

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