Ebanned: 3 New Auctions

Hey footboys, panty pervs and slutty sissies!  It’s been almost a year since my last Ebanned auction so if you’ve been waiting to snag some princess treasures, now’s your chance. Three new auctions are listed below. Gym Socks Looking to add another pair to your finely curated used socks collection? I rarely offer up my…

Posted by D in Ebanned / September 3, 2016
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Like a Boss – Sock Pics & My Dog

I should be writing about things like new clips, updates ( especially catching up on shit since I was away last weekend) .. or fixing my website because it’s acting buggy lately. But nah, I’m tired, so instead I’ll blog about Lilith, my Yorkshire Terrier  terror. The dog is hilarious. She waves her paws in…

mz devious feet

Posted by D in Foot Fetish, Off Topic / February 22, 2015
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Be a Nice Boy.

If you'd like to join me in the crusade to ' punch piracy in the anus' + be a noble citizen of the internet, here's how you can help

1. Download the clip & keep it to yourself
2. Click this Karma Button to report it by sharing the website, file download or YouTube link.
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