Who calls $49.99 a min phone lines?

Posted by D in Niteflirt, Spoiled Brat / May 24, 2011

Why is it that people become skeptical when it’s mentioned that I get calls at my $49 a minute niteflirt line? Which then is usually followed by – ” why do you jack your phone rates up to $49.99.. when normally it is $3.29 ” the reason is that I prefer to not completely turn off phone lines when I am busy , as my listings would become invisible. I’d rather keep them visible so that recorded & PTV listings are visible for purchases.
Raising the rate is a deterrent for potential callers or long winded chatterbox types and most guys wouldn’t consider calling at those rates . Though sometimes, such as last night , driving home from the gym at 2 am , my phone rings unexpectedly. Completely startled, the first thought was ” who died ?” slipped my mind that I had any Niteflirt lines on.

That was the easiest , most uneventful 4 minute call I’d ever encountered at NF. All the caller wanted to ask was if I was the girl in my listing photos. He was serious.   I thought I was beyond that stage.

$209 for 4 minutes. Who here wouldn’t be okay with that?

I checked my PO box today and yayy for me , more gifts !

1. envelope that was MIA arrived from bonecrusher
$50 sephora gift card and a cute Unicorn card.. (Unicorns are a little joke between us )

2. Not sure who sent the Outback gift card from Gift Card Mall
there wasn’t a name on the invoice.


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