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( if you’re here to ” right click-copy the pics or find some penis whacking material , scroll past the text to photos below ) ps- I disabled ” right click copy. But you fella’s are clever and resourceful in regards to swiping pics and shit.

It’s been forever since I’ve listed at my all time favorite adult auction house,  where it all began for me 5 years ago.

I used to clean up there, my auctions were legendary many hitting the thousands marker .I was the trend setter .. I mean how many little insta brats put gummy worms in their toes and sell them still to this day ? It  was cute once when I did it in 2008… or when I sold pissed in shampoo, magic princess powder, vacuum cleaner dirt … dog shit.. oh I could go on and auctioned off a human for $1700

I had noticed that the mood over there had drastically changed over the past 16 months or so. Honest paying bidders , were outnumbered by pesky wankers, non paying bidders galore and scam artists looming behind high proxy bids hoping to bid, send money via ppal ( I dont take ppal for auctions ) then they send it ppal , reverse the charges and leave you with a frozen account , and reversal fee’s. SOOOOOO . When a potential bidder seemed to have the all too obvious ” scammer” pattern behavior ,  horrendous feedback score, we were allowed to cancel their bids and block them.  Not anymore. Now, we had to tell our correct 110 % of the time ,gut instinct to stifle , and  abide by the new rules. And as predicted,  when stuck with another non payer, who bailed on a $250 auction, something inside wants to email the admin ” I TOLD YOU SO “.. when one has had enough of the childish crap ,and there’s no more fun to be had, I pack and leave. Ebanned I still love you however and I miss the simplicity of the site and the conversations with some of the worlds sickest perverts. Right up my alley.  So after a good 6 months, let’s try this out again.

When I had returned , my lovely ” about me ” page had been torn down, supposedly the new TOS there (  they went from small family run ma and pa auction house to ” corporate – Don’t advertise on our site …” type of a place. I was pretty bummed because I remember when I first learned basic HTML back when I joined  I used my newfound yet lackluster skills to make my own page template , complete with multiple hyperlinks, pointing to my c4s stores, blog, and yes, my wishlist.  Being asked 456673 times if I had a clip store, wishlist or blog.. laying the ole hyperlink in BOLD pink font for all to see was much more convenient   . Plus ( at the time ) it took me hours to create those silly links . To which now  it’s as easy as  [<a href=” ………..  yadda yadda …… so back to ebanned

No more links to ANYTHING you do outside of their site, not even a wishlist, or a blog, or a twitter that you use to PROMOTE YOUR AUCTIONS AND BRING NEW SIGN UPS TO THE SITE.  I for one could honestly say, I’ve easily sent 50  bidders to sign up there over the years , had 9 friends become sellers and all that was not done, without the power of links.   That’s the whole reason people became tired  of “My financi@l d0mme $pace” years ago.  Our traffic makes YOU TRAFFIC.   Ex-squeeze me but uhm…. why not just change it to ” if you link back , you can promote yourself  here at your very special ” about me” page.. , after all we do take listing and final value fee’s and you already pay to list your banners in auctions , why not set a fee of say $1 a month per link on the “me” page?   They must have missed  google’s  memo about the power of back links, but whatever their reasons , hopefully they are good ones for removing links from me pages  So my new page will say ” Hi, my name is Mz Devious  I like money, yorkshire terriers,  cookies, computers, Infowars and posting my  links. I dislike anything that does not have motive.. such as this page.. but at least no you know I am a  greedy, cookie eating nerd bitch  ” . I’m all about the traffic  yet this site I haven’t  seo optimized because people just find it anyway, but There’s a motive for an auction.. part of that motive is to spike new traffic to clips, your site, and …..well whatever.

Now that  I have spewed my bitchy rant o’ the week , behold … my divine princess brat girl underpants


You’re probably saying ” Gah.. this blog needs to be less ranty .. more panty “..

My next blog will be chock full o’ Mz Devious tales.. tail.. tales about my tail ? meh….. Ok, it’s 5:30 am, I’ve got to get to bed now.


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