guess what just arrived?

My new shiny new SonyVaio laptop and the  case that slave steven sent has  arrived ahead of schedule today, at 10:30 am .  Damn Amazon is no joke . When they say ‘overnight shipping’  it’s more like ‘ be there in a few hours ‘. I’ve waited longer for a pizza to be delivered. This…

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / April 24, 2010
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steven for Sale

Bids are coming in like crazy. Let’s not kill the old man too  fast, nothing worse than going to an atm machine to find it tapped out. he paid his dues to try and put a smile on my face this morning but still wasn’t cutting it – I crave laughter and this auction really…

Posted by D in Ebanned, Spoiled Brat / November 15, 2009
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slut steven

Slutty Steven: What an attention whore. Here’s our favorite dress up human atm machine, panty wearing, attention whore slut steven. He’s back and modeling his lingerie for everyone and anyone who cares to look .  In this photo , it appears that steven and his paunchy midriff are wearing  My Victoria’s Secret bra ( I…

Posted by D in Humiliatrix / November 3, 2009
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And the Winner Is

  Duh. Who did you think would win my Ebanned bikini auction ? slutty steven is super competitive. He will bid whatever he has to, in order to win. Look at how happy he looks – also look at  how horrible he looks in a bikini.  Did you stuff the bra steve-o? Or are those…

Posted by D in Ebanned, Humiliatrix / May 28, 2009
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