Get Down with ADD

That song is now stuck in my head. * Totally useless fact – Naughty by Nature filmed part of the OPP video in front of the King’s motel in Rahway NJ – and when I lived in Jersey  I passed that motel daily  – well then again,  I passed dozens of seedy motels daily, as…

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Push a Button, Get a Banana

So you are looking at myrecent clips  and wondering ” da fuq happened to dis bish ”  .. ” where is the rest of Mz Devious.. wasn’t she like 142 lbs this time last year, why is she barely 110 lbs now?”  Heh.. and I was quite fluffy too last year.  Yes, immediately  after my…

Posted by D in Life and Crap / February 20, 2013
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You could skip this one

You could skip right past this entry , unless of course you’ve got nothing more valuable to spend your time on, like masturbating to scat porn , watching grass grow , learning macrame beading , or cleaning out the litter-box – that cat’s crap runneth over . I am in the process of changing my…

Posted by D in Off Topic / June 17, 2011
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UPS called

There are times that I forget I even have a UPS mailbox.  Today I was reminded  when the UPS store happened to call me with a not-so-subtle reminder to get my crap out of their store. Lo and behold — I have gifts to pick up. Damn . Life.. why are you so complicated and…

Posted by D in Life and Crap, Spoiled Brat / November 16, 2010
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Fountains & Chandeliers

Been feeling nostalgic lately. I miss a lot of senseless crap about NJ. Twenty four hour diners, Jug-handles, the soothing staccato bu-bump, bu-bump, bu-bump driving  on the Belt Parkway,  dirty-water hotdogs with grape soda, real deli’s, and familiar faces. But the thing I miss most since moving from New Jersey are the low budget, no-frills tv…

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I just woke from a post-workout mini coma/nap. Ever wake from one of those? It’s like being stuck in a time warp. What century is this, it’s Tuesday right?.. is it 6 am or 6 pm, there’s a possum in my bed – oh wait.. That’s my dog. I can’t believe what a shit-ass mood…

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doormat asked to be a part of my world for a few minutes this evening. I charged him a tax for each and every minute. Doormats are used to being walked all over…right? I  charged him a tax for breathing air, and one for being dirty from the muck under my shoes. He asked if…

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / December 5, 2008
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