Christmas Fluff

I’ve been very busy.Too busy to keep up with blogging Long story short – I went to the UPS store and had to make multiple trips to the car , because I couldn’t carry all of my prezzies at once. I don’t mind , really I don’t. I love presents and love being a spoiled…

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / December 23, 2011
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the good news is

the good news is ………….. I went to my PO Box and found presents in there nice ones. $200 Marriott gift cards, new mp3 player and some yoga leggings  from piggy santa who's working hard to keep me happy ! a unicorn piggy bank ( shown above) some supplement crap, calendar and candy from muscleboy…

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Easy Come

when he asked me for my yahoo screen name I told him I did not do the small talk, never ever ” hello princess ” me daily without paying for it. So he paid $200 for my screen name.. HA HA HA !!! It’s not hard to remember , I am not your chat buddy, I don’t enjoy regurgitated ass kissing or sharing with you how my day was. That’s why you have wives and girlfirends . Don’t confuse a Domme with either of those.. as

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / December 5, 2011
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UPS called

There are times that I forget I even have a UPS mailbox.  Today I was reminded  when the UPS store happened to call me with a not-so-subtle reminder to get my crap out of their store. Lo and behold — I have gifts to pick up. Damn . Life.. why are you so complicated and…

Posted by D in Life and Crap, Spoiled Brat / November 16, 2010
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guess what just arrived?

My new shiny new SonyVaio laptop and the  case that slave steven sent has  arrived ahead of schedule today, at 10:30 am .  Damn Amazon is no joke . When they say ‘overnight shipping’  it’s more like ‘ be there in a few hours ‘. I’ve waited longer for a pizza to be delivered. This…

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / April 24, 2010
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