well it did.

If i knew this was going to be such a hit, I would have waited until the replacement bulb came for my umbrella light kit ! But despite the fact , it made the top 50 in under a day .. and now it is at # 17 at clips4sale's best sellers list. My…

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top seller in under 11 hours

I knew this clip would do well in under 11 hours it made it to #44 EDIT.. OVERNIGHT IT JUMPED TO #22 ( even the upskirt lovin pervs are giving good feedback ) schoolgirl FMG hulkout …the return *last November the original “schoolgirl FMG hulkout” video clip went to number 1 seller within 2…

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Report Piracy

If you'd like to join me in my crusade to ' punch piracy in the anus' + be a noble citizen of the internet, here's how you can help report pirated clips:

1. Download the clip for yourself & keep it to yourself
2. Click this Karma Button to report it by sharing the website, file download or YouTube link. ( I do not have a YouTube .. those are fakes )
The Karma Gods are keeping notes. Oh and thank you good neighbor ♥ ∞