Gotta Love Them Hot Shemales

Before  anyone else feels the need to go on a tirade lecturing me (as if I just walked onto this scene four minutes ago and started pulling shit out of my ass , just to post here..  )  that  referring to them  as ‘shemale’ and ‘tranny’ as being  derogatory; I’m well aware and have been…

Posted by D in Clip Updates / April 22, 2013
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4 oh 4 pages – No oh No

Quick post before I retire for the evening. I’ve had this domain name since 2009 but never utilized it until late 2010. My blog has been at livejournal since 2008, it gets the job done, plus it’s where the financial domme, and fetish niche I run with tend to hang out. I’m known for putting…

Posted by D in Off Topic / February 3, 2013
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the good news is

the good news is ………….. I went to my PO Box and found presents in there nice ones. $200 Marriott gift cards, new mp3 player and some yoga leggings  from piggy santa who's working hard to keep me happy ! a unicorn piggy bank ( shown above) some supplement crap, calendar and candy from muscleboy…

Posted by D in Uncategorized / December 17, 2011
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Schmoes vs. Fans

This precious looking little nocturnal bird of prey is called the ‘schmoe owl’. Known for it’s unique as well as annoying “who who who is that” hoot that can be heard wherever a female bicep is within sight ( mostly tube sites and message boards ). The schmoe owl is often known for wreaking havoc on female bodybuilders privacy and right to earn a living off of her physique.


Posted by D in Rant / September 7, 2011
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Last Night

I felt really lethargic and dizzy all week must have a little bug or perhaps I’m falling apart. I hopped onto her biceps cam last night despite feeling shitty and made bank . Good decision. It was nice to see subs from here join in and chat, do a session, send tips etc.  I think…

Posted by D in Muscle Girl / February 6, 2011
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Be a Nice Boy.

If you'd like to join me in the crusade to ' punch piracy in the anus' + be a noble citizen of the internet, here's how you can help

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