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Mz Devious – Real Time Breast Expansion

I’ve always been fascinated by the whole Breast Expansion fetish and phenomenon. I’ve made a bunch of clips that have pretty much all hit c4s’ top 50 list . I have watched B.E. morphs and animation videos and try to mimic the smooth expansion that unfolds throughout the animations.

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Mz Devious muscle morph by area orion

Area Orion makes some of the best Muscle Morphs. Yes, I decided .Here is the latest Mz Devious morph creation courtesy of Area Orion- it’s for fun guys ! No I’m not really that big ( yet) but imagine if I was? That would be scary *insert evil laugh*

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#9 in under 24 hours

together we can make this happen .. I’ll keep being fabulous, you keep buying it . take it to the top fella’s..

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top 1 and 2

shirt explosions has sold over 200 this week.. and fmg has hit 100.. go me, go me..gonna party like it’s my almost is my birthday

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number 1 clip in under 4 days.

actually it was 3 days.

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