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I will  go back next year, I am sure of it. I wore myself out trying to do it all in 2 days, next year I need to stay longer.

As soon as I arrived at the Hotel some guy came up and begged me to arm wrestle him in front of pretty much everyone attending the event. I beat him — of course. It was great, people were cheering and yelling and I wish I had a photo but at least Monique and Ceara witnessed it. Plus It was great to see the girls again, sucks that they live so far away . I shot some great clips with Monique this afternoon.

I finally had the chance to meet Brat Princess Sarah Diavola , we’ve chatted online over the years so it was nice to finally  hang out with her, she’s a cool ass girl .


Sarah Diavola and myself at the midnight pool party


Meggerz and I run into this gross thing. I actually thought he was cuddly and cute.

new scissor victim “ninja slave ”

sicssor hold

and old scissor victim..( slave andy sharted when I scissored too hard ….. it was really just a wee shart, but a shart nonetheless  )



First of the Fetishcon Clips


Danni and Monique Mocking Your Foot Fetish

Danni and Monique rip you and stupid your foot fetish to shreds. Seriously,what is wrong with you loser? Only freaks get off on dirty, smelly feet. You’re such a dork that would probably pay hundreds of dollars to smell our dirty socks and nibble on our toe nails.


Recorded prior to the con.

Jizz Facial
It’s the weekend, kick back, relax and give yourself a facial. No silly, not a spa facial. This is different, it’s called a Man-Goo facial. Follow my commands and get ready to bust a nut on your gut and face.


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