Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / December 5, 2008

doormat asked to be a part of my world for a few minutes this evening. I charged him a tax for each and every minute.

Doormats are used to being walked all over…right?

I  charged him a tax for breathing air, and one for being dirty from the muck under my shoes. He asked if I’d turn on cam for a bit if he sent another tribute. I turned on cam and pointed it at the toilet. Enjoy watching the bowl – maybe you’ll be promoted to fuzzy toilet seat cover or it’s cousin , the shaggy toilet floor mat.

I put up a new auction tonight at Ebanned. It’s targeted at the sissy ho ho’s. It’s fucking awesome. Bid on it ladyboys.

Hung out with my bestie Annie-big-fanny this afternoon, we captured some epic pics. I’m a clown.

Do my balls smell fresh? Have a sniff.

no no, you must I insist.

Like Swiss cheese and dirty anus. My thoughts, exactly.

We baked Swiss cheese & anus cookies,and danced around the Christmas tree. It’s a Princesss jamboree!

I mix the batter while dancing a fierce rendition of the cabbage patch.

Happy Festivus fuckers.

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