Ebanned Sneaker Auction & Video

Posted by D in Ebanned, Foot Fetish, Videos / June 21, 2015

New Ebanned sneaker auction.  Another opportunity to worship My feet.

For sale: Dirty sneakers. Well worn.

What more could I possibly write about My latest Ebanned sneaker auction?

They’re a few years old, scuffed, foot imprints, dingy. You get the point. Right? Foot fetish heaven.

Side-note – I can’t stand writing for search engines. Technical SEO is my fetish. I get giddy over Google algorithms, but  I flocking hate writing content.

That being said, here’s a screen cap of the new Ebanned dirty sneaker auction, as well as a preview video with snippets of a recent ass worship & dirty sneaker foot humiliation clip.

 Another pair of My Adidas gym shoes bites the dust. Do I chuck them in the trash?
Hell noooo. It’s far more amusing to watch you inhale My sweaty feet stench and laugh at you for jerking off to something as silly as a pair of My old sneakers. I mean really loser…dirty feet & smelly shoes!?! But the icing on the cake is that I don’t just let you have My old pair of cruddy kicks — nothing in life is free for you.


Oh and before I forget — Keep voting for my contest entry daily!


ebanned sneaker auction


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