Girly Muscle Control Madness – Pec Flexing

Posted by D in Muscle Girl / February 7, 2012

Girls can pec bounce too ya know

…and sometimes even better than the big bodybuilder dudes. I’m one of those gals who has the ability to make my boobs bounce with the best of ’em. Uh huh, yep – don’t believe me? I’ve been making my pecs bounce, vibrate and do some pretty neat tricks for years before I even knew there where boys out there who dig that sort of thing. Lil Mz Devious just assumed it was a useless talent, like being able to stuff my whole fist into my mouth (but you already know I’m a big mouth) and touch my nose with my tongue – which is another one of my useless talents that’s turned profitable for me.

Mz Devious Muscle Control Clips

Check out one of my preview vid’s  ↓ ‘My Pecs.. need I say more? ‘


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