My Feet 2015

Posted by D in Clip Updates, Foot Fetish / January 17, 2015

First batch of fetish clips recorded in over a year. The first one up –

2015 – The Year My Feet Control you

mz devious feet

A new year, a new you. Time for a fresh new start eh foot loser? I know about your little secret desire to be owned and controlled by a woman’s feet. You try to push off the urges, for more ‘mainstream’ sexual fantasies, sadly those do not do it for you, and something is missing. You need feet, in order to feel complete. My feet will become your God, you will pray to them, worship them, jerk off to them, and in time, you will only be able to cum to them, because they have taken over your mind, wallet, cock and fulfilled your fantasies making them a reality. Start 2015 on the right foot. My feet will take over your thoughts… starting NOW.

*can also be purchased at Mz Devious Clipvia Studio

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Crack Party

knuckle cracking fetish

There’s a party at my place and you’re on the guest list. I’ve got the joints, crack & p0pp3rs, so it’s going to be a crack-up for sure. Okay, it’s not that type of party. This is a bone cracking & joint popping clip. I crack my back, knuckles, ankles, pop my shoulders, toes and hip joints. Recorded – 1/16/2015



All Cracked Out

All Cracked Out 2


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