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Posted by D in Life and Crap / June 21, 2013

I haven’t updated much of anything in a while —  a really long while between my clip stores, twitter, and blog. I’ve finished re-doing my website and am taking some web design classes for now- nothing too serious . I’ve made 2 other websites for friends over the past few months and have really enjoyed the process , so why not expand my knowledge on it ? Hey, as much as I love being a greedy,  ball busting,  fetish brat, whose feet capture the wallets of foot fetishists  and financial slaves around the globe, the shit gets old after a while, and at times I must take a break to refresh my mind and exercise my brain .

I  took a mini vacation to South Beach last month, Stayed at Dream Hotel ( seriously love that place so much I booked 2 more  upcoming stays there in late summer and another for the winter. I just love that side of Florida so much more than SW Fl , not only because it’s a nice distance from my enmeshed parents… but because Mr D may be transferred to Boca, Sunrise or Miami area sometime next year .. and I’m all for it . It  seems like aeons since I’ve taken a trip that wasn’t fetish , business or bodybuilding related.  I’m even on the fence about Fetish-con this upcoming August .  I will miss seeing all the girls and catching up ( especially my favorite Brat of them all , Meggerz ) and I’m kinda bummed I won’t be able to toss around ninja from BrattyFootgirls and kick the nuts out of slave andy’s ball sack ( insert sad face ) but the Con is exhausting.

Ever since my autoimmune disorder’s  relapse back in October , I’ve been having issues with becoming  fatigued more often , however I’m MUCH better than I was over the fall and winter and the anemia has passed and no more worries of immunosuppressive drug therapy — so far so good *crossing fingers*   I’ve felt pretty good since April  . I guess these next upcoming months, I am focusing more on myself ,  do a little traveling , make  up for lost time with Mr D .    Perhaps the AVN’s or Fetcon 2014 .  I worked close to 16 hour days while at the con both years. For what ? IDK.


Let’s see , what else is new —
got highlights, and lightened the shade of red .

sobe beach
still refuse to swim in the ocean aka world’s largest toilet .
took a fond liking to Yves Saint Laurent Tribute pumps …
Gosh ,my taste in shoes get’s more and more expensive as I get older.
So I bought them in suede too. Hey , after this horrific year, I deserve it more than ever.

Plus- designer shoes look so sweet on adorable little feet.

The trip to SoBe allowed me to think – a lot. I reviewed the past few years,but  especially focused on  this past year.  It was most likely the worst year of my entire life. It was like a test of strength and will and a few times I moped about , ready to throw my hands up in despair and allow the force to have it’s way. But I’m too headstrong to allow it to win. I’m a sore loser.  From adopting Satan’s lap-dog and watching it tear up my house ( then giving it back.. yeah yeah.. I’m an asshole.. heard that already ) . My  health saga, the cancer scare  , surgery, having a specialist Doctor  that’s 1300 miles away, medical over billing and gouging issues,the violation of my personal privacy after having my accounts hacked while recovering from surgery, the Mz Devious  impersonator,   to ridiculously draining  family drama that’s still ongoing , [ there’s so much more BS incidents  … but nobody really cares  ]. Add in the passing of our family dog Frank, who passed away May 15, at the age of 14 due to a kidney condition .

I know many of my long time followers recall fun lovin’ Frank the Yorkie , who selflessly donated his dog food ( and even poo ) for many of my  ebanned auctions, he’s been blabbed about in numerous  blog entries and has made sure to walk behind me , and ruin many shots while I was filming clips .

So yeah.. I’m not so sure it could get any worse ; I mean , yes worse shit happens every day to people, but this was a layered pile up of crap ; more like an avalanche of meshugas thrown into my face at once.
But the good news is that I survived it – so far-  and here to bitch and moan about it .

My Devious Muscle clips have not been updated as much, because  I have not been focused on bodybuilding or adding any more content that needs constant monitoring and babysitting. I’m  at the point where I am ready to move on from that realm . The business end of the FBB scene disturbs me lately, and I don’t like the road it’s dragging  me down, especially as of late. I  no longer want to contribute to it . I’ve spent a lot of money and wasted too many hours , tirelessly and fruitlessly fighting the scrapers, cloakers, pirates, impersonators, bloggers violating my privacy , add in the countless hours trying to take back the top ranking in Google’s SERP for MY BUSINESS ,NAME,  SITE AND EFFORTS..  PLUS- removing my personal information that was involuntarily attached my my FBB business. Yeah, I guess you could say – less is more. I’m over it. I’m tired. It has become life sucking.


Sure I still  love going to the gym, but not going to lie.. without loading up on massive ish, I’m a pretty petite girl, who eats like crap and prefers not to live life imprisoned by the dietary demands of bodybuilding  . After my health fiasco which still isn’t 100% back to normal  , and monthly blood work I now  must go for, I much rather keep it natty.  I actually have had a huge problem keeping weight on ever since I’ve become sick, between that and stress I keep going from 109 to 115 and last year I was filming clips at 125-145 .. . I have dropped 2 clothing sizes , even with some of the permanent bulk that my body won’t let go of .. so now I look more like a fitness girl, not a bodybuilder.  So why force it? Why kill myself ? Oh the money was great, at the cost of my liver, my hormonal mood swings,  loss of privacy , and mass piracy, impersonators and so I guess one day I woke up and said ” enough of this shit from you schmoes .. ”  I have archived content and will release a clip here and there as I still ( without updates , pull in a couple $ K a month from just that studio, and  just off residual sales of old content , I’d be an asshole to shut it down .. DAMMIT I EARNED IT ..  )
I will continue to film fetish clips for Mz Devious Fetish studio .  That was my roots , what I originally set out to do years before the FBB crap. The fetish customers and guys are angelic little sweethearts in comparison to FBB fans and schmoes who are inconsiderate and intrusive. ( Not all.. but many ). Yes, I have some REALLY great long time loyal  FBB followers .. but you guys knew it was coming to a close , and that the bad guys ruined it for all of us.  I’m  a pretty strong bitch, I can take a lot of crap . I was miserable the past 2 years .. then I realized that the crap had a solution , which is quite simple –
I’m unhappy , it’s no longer fun, life is short.. and I’d like to enjoy it. So, remove the crap from my life.

I’m still at Niteflirt , and taking calls whenever the mood strikes me to turn on my lines, or send out paymails . I truly am an introvert and so , at times I fall off the radar for months.. just because I enjoy peace, so that’s why I go through phases with keeping my lines on some months and off for others  .  Niteflirt is more enjoyable. Less content to edit, upload, and  chase after and monitor , and track down and have removed off torrents, and tube sites.And when the phone rings.. I’m getting paid for my time.

So, that’s where I’m at. Life’s  good , despite  being caught in a 9 month  shit-storm downpour.

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