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Posted by D in Life and Crap, Off Topic / March 11, 2013

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I’ve always wanted to to stuff the word ‘ Beaver ‘ into a title for a blog entry. It’s one of those awkward sounding words like jelly, moist, and clam. Guess I can cross that one off the bucket list.

Seriously though, I’ve been pretty busy this week and had minimal time to work on my site ( ok , now that’s a lie – it’s more like none ). Thankfully, I am my own boss and there really isn’t a deadline for anything , it gets done when it gets done.

I managed to do get around to updating things like my Clipvia page. Trying to get all my online venues in sync with the brand identity . Yeah I’m neurotic.. I know. But my colors are ‘road-flare’ red & black. I’ve been obsessed with that color since I was five, and saw a road flare for the first time at the county fair. A color most suitable for a fetish site.
Even made a few new banners. Meh – banners and graphics aren’t my forte. I’m working on it. But they’ll do the job.
mzdevious new banner

mz devious new banner 2

I’ll admit, my nerd side is shining right about now. For instance , I’m into typography and pairing fonts. When the hell would I ever admit to giving a hoot over a damn typeface ? Well now you know. I wasted a good 4 hours browsing through variations of Helvetica, Futura, and new fave playfair display. It started a few weeks ago when I needed to download a font ‘Bebas Neue ‘. Simple, right ?  I should have been editing clips, but instead lost a nights work and trip to the gym because I was so enveloped with sifting through typography inspiration on Pinterest. Weird – not sure if anyone could even relate . I’m a unique blend between the ADHD, Aspergers, and artsy fartsy eccentric creative.

I hate the site layout I currently using. That’s next on the agenda. For now Ill tolerate this basic WP twenty-twelve theme. It soon will be a thing of the past – C’est la vie .

You guys are like ” uh.. errrr.. I came here to rub one out, and look for naked pictures and ‘dis bish is talking about fonts and crap”..

Yep. I warned ya.

Moving along.

Revamped my Ebanned ‘Me’ page – I thought Id give my brain a good aerobics workout ( more like an unnecessary headache ) and wrote the HTML in notepad. Ebanned’s template editor allows for obsolete html 4. Tables, center tags etc I think there’s even an option for the ‘ marquee ‘ tag. Nothing says Web 1.0 more than tables and marquee tags.. But case-in-point , I threw it together one up all by my little bitchy self, opting against using the heinous templates provided by ebanned.

Before I leave y’all so that I can wrestle with a bitch named Insomnia, I’ll share a new Daily motion video that I concocted courtesy of Friday night’s insomnia.


PS- I’m thinking of putting a disclaimer on this blog ” If you’ve landed here in search of sexy, boner stimulating reading material – turn around and run. Run in zig-zag patterns if you must! Do it for the well being of your erection and go find some really naughty porn & jack off. Unless of course, redheaded, rambling , asperger brat-girls with fake tits , and big biceps that blog about all things nonsensical & nerdy turns you on , then by all means, hello Dork.


Watch the Preview



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