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Posted by D in Off Topic / February 3, 2013

Quick post before I retire for the evening. I’ve had this domain name since 2009 but never utilized it until late 2010. My blog has been at livejournal since 2008, it gets the job done, plus it’s where the financial domme, and fetish niche I run with tend to hang out.

I’m known for putting tasks aside for aeons, especially building my own site. I know how to make an HTML website and could have simply done that. But I wanted the blog on-site, but had around eight hundred entries I wanted to migrate from Livejournal. most were either poorly written, outdated ( ebanned auctions, that have since ended etc. ) so it seemed pointless to transfer them all over.

WordPress has a plugin for that. Cool.. Right?

My dear pal Meggerz introduced me to WordPress a few years ago. ( Meggy-wahhh wahhh ( pet name ) I am forever grateful for giving me the 411 on WP and granting me a development area on your server during that time ) and since, I’ve become a WordPress junkie.

Moving along.

Instead of deleting posts before migration, because it seemed a tedious and daunting task, I said ‘ fuck it ‘ and used LJ import plugin. Lesson learned, as I sit here, sifting through hundreds of nonsensical posts deleting, de-indexing and updating – my carefree approach bit me in the ass.

This is about as much fun as watching grass grow.

Webmaster tools is reporting hundreds of ” not found error  pages ” returning 404 messages. I’m working on it. I’ve submitted almost every 404 error that I’ve come across thus far to request removal from search results. For whatever reason these pages are still popping up, I feel like I am playing a game of whack-a-mole. It’s a totally off-topic thing to blog about, but a nice chunk of my organic traffic arrives here by following these dead links and either leave or email to inform me. Thanks – I appreciate it.

Google, clean up the cache you hoarder.

But hey look what I found earlier – a pic I guarantee y’all have never seen before. It’s amazing what you find when sifting through an old external HD, and hundreds of pointless blog entries.

devious muscle lats

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