Danni and Monique bicep brats

Danni and Monique – Brat Girl Biceps The recent bicep flexing clip with my hot friend Princess Monique is doing very well at Devious Muscle, currently it is # 22 and climbing the best sellers list at clips4sale’s top 50.     Danni and Monique Bicep Showoffs   It’s time for Muscle Princess power! Nearly two years has…

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clip updates http://clips4sale.com/22493 toilet prisoner whats up potty pervert’s? You just cannot get enough of my s;hit can you? No, you keep coming crawling back , just to get c.rapped on all over and over again. I love it. Now listen up you sick fuck.. you are now a toilet prisoner . that is right…..

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Lift and Carry

Lift and Carry I’m so STRONG click link to purchase clip ↑ Jason doubts my strength, and doesn’t feel that I am strong enough to lift and carry him. I decide to prove him wrong, and swoop him up on to my back. I proceed to lift and carry him effortlessly, making sure little Jason…


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Mz Devious Domme Dose writeup

  Domme Interview by footboidon How did You get into online domination and humiliation? I’ll spare you the typical domme story drivel.  I’ve always been a brat ( but do girls really steal lunch money from boys in kindergarten ? Such a lame cliche )  I was eating paste and pissing in my osk’kosh overalls…

micro bikini

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I hate your balls

So the clip has been up for 48 hours and made it to # 33 over at clips4sale best sellers so to honor of my fabulous-ness I’m not posting another FBB clip until it climbs the charts. Buy it . Then buy it again if you must. clips4sale.com/store/29200 There is a new clip over at…

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Gagged Face Sitting

Your Face = My Chair *click the photo to visit the direct clip link at my clips4sale store GAGGED FACE SITTING andy’s face is simply a chair for me to rest my ass upon. I gag his mouth, sit on his face, smothering his nose with my big ass. I decide for him, when it…

clips4sale face sitting

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Barefoot Ball-Busting

Barefoot Ballbusting I love the sound of barefoot kicks delivered to the nut-sack. I  pummel slave andy’s balls with a series of crisp whacks, cracks and slaps to the his sack. I kicked so hard my “ball busting foot” was black and blue the next day. can be found here ↓ Mz Devious Barefoot Ballbusting…

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