Barefoot Ball-Busting

Barefoot Ballbusting I love the sound of barefoot kicks delivered to the nut-sack. I  pummel slave andy’s balls with a series of crisp whacks, cracks and slaps to the his sack. I kicked so hard my “ball busting foot” was black and blue the next day. can be found here ↓ Mz Devious Barefoot Ballbusting…

Posted by D in Clip Updates, Foot Fetish / October 16, 2010
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Red Zanotti’s

I managed to stop off at UPS store earlier and lookie lookie what arrived? Amazon somehow cancelled this order  but they finally arrived ! Which is sexier ? The red zanotti’s or the filthy uggs? foot boy wayne ya did good ! These shoes are gorgeous :) I cant take them to Florida with me…

Posted by D in Spoiled Brat / February 18, 2010
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