the good news is

Posted by D in Uncategorized / December 17, 2011

the good news is ………….. I went to my PO Box and found presents in there

nice ones.

$200 Marriott gift cards, new mp3 player and some yoga leggings  from piggy santa who's working hard to keep me happy !

a unicorn piggy bank ( shown above) some supplement crap, calendar and candy from muscleboy

No Dick, No Chick
you have nothing to offer.. no wonder you are still single and a virgin. you have no dick.. no muscles.. and even low testosterone. Heck.. I'm more of a man than you. Your dick is so small and puny.. I've seen blades of grass that rivaled your penis girth.

jerk it to my armpits
(request) since you love my armpits so much.. I am finally going to instruct you jerk off to them.. while smelling, licking and being teased by them.

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