Top 50 clip: On to Something?

Posted by D in Hooray for Me, Muscle Girl / April 13, 2009

Wowzers ! A top 50 c4s best seller in under a day over at my new bratty muscle girl clip studio SEXY FLEX

Maybe I’m on to something – it’s still in its baby stages. But for only having 3 clips and 2 of them sliding in to the top 50 on opening day … this is pretty much crazy cool- I predict it will do well.

But I wonder. How long before other FBB’s and less creative female muscle content producers sign up at c4s and hop on the muscle girl clip bandwagon? Either that – or the schmoes will mess it up somehow. I know, think positive.. But I feel like the vanilla muscle fans will not get the Princess Danni character ( find the fetish brat clips – because schmoes are ‘diggers’ ) confuse the two and not ‘get it’. Names will be called, haters on parade and the message boards where they lurk filled with ” I don’t get that girl” ..

Can’t please them all right? I’ve got to stick with the plan. Princess Danni does what she wants, even if it ruffles a few feathers.
It’ll happen eventually, I assure you. Well, at least we know who the mastermind was.

I know FBB’s make clips too, but lame-o flexing, wrestling, porn type shit. Generic. My clips have attitude, story lines and I (still) resemble the muscular girl next door.

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