Piss Jello & Breaking Records

Posted by D in Ebanned / December 26, 2008

My trash for cash auction at Ebanned broke it’s previous record of $100 – shit even my trash is golden . And there are people out there who think I’m the one who has issues for doing this . Nope. I’m brilliant , people are just mad that they didn’t think of it first .

C’mon look at this guy ! he is one happy customer – for as little as 50 bucks I sent him some piss jello , and this is him enjoying it. He’s so happy. Look at what I do. I provide cheer and sunshine to weird humiliation craving pervs.

REAL CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL: The piss jello was the best jello I have ever had, Thank you very much

what can I piss on next? I turn piss into profits.

No overhead or inventory to manage. It’s pure profit.

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