Is She Serious?

Posted by D in Rant / December 24, 2008


She’s using swiped photos from off someone else’s ( shandapanda’s ) MySpace page. Five bucks says it’s either a dood or twelve year old girl behind this spiel.

Likeeee HIIIIIIIIIII..Im new around these parts. I’m Princess Candy-balls. I’m looking for some good little pay-piggies to dominate and stuff. Like so all of my slaves and pay piggies are in their cage in my mommy’s attic – also  my slaves have been with me since Carter was in office. I have been a domm(y) since before I was conceived.   So like yeah, Im really good at this being a princess stuff let’s negotiate a price, come to an agreement piggies. Tell me what works for YOU!!


idk why anony-dommes piss me off as much as they do.

I’m really nasty lately. I cant help it. I was born this way.

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Author: D

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