Goodbye YouTube channel NUMBER 5

Posted by D in Rant / September 28, 2009

I’ve been through Five youtube channels in a year. That’s probably more than how many times some of you guys change your underpants in a year.

Thiis time I kept the channel on the DL. Still amassed   40,000 views in a month per video. Man those fbb fans really do love them some freebie ” flexing” videos on youtube. Which is why I didn’t mind adding a few of my own  to Youtube.  I get some traffic, they get some clips. Everyone is happy, except the little troll who most likely lives in his moms basement having a merry time flagging my videos.

The video that violated their TOS ( how? ) ↓

 always followed with a sincere “Dear John” letter from good ole youtube. I’ve been dumped – again.  *sighs*


I thought there was a team over at YT that reviewed flagged videos, if that is the case then they have something agains gyms, dog walking , and funny videos about what resides in my trash can.

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